Gallery 2

I'll take it, watercolour, acrilyc, marker pen, gesso on cardboard. 25x35cm. 2017





Practicable, acrylic, gesso, pigments, marker pen, oil on jute 95x120cm.





In the middle of nowhere, watercolour on paper 48x36 cm. 2017






On board, tempera, pigments, acrilic, oil, gesso on jute canvas. 90x40cm. 2017





Gost, paper mache, gesso, pigments, marker pen, oil on jute 120,5x100,5cm.






It could be possible, marker pen on paper 24x33cm.




Untitled, tempera on jute 130x2,20cm.


First, marker pen on cardboard 15,5x23cm.







Untitled, watercolour on paper 15x20cm.









Looking for a castle, oil on canvas 140x200cm.






Untitled, watercolour on paper 30x40cm.





20-11-20--27, oil on canvas 36,5x22,5cm.




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