Gallery 4



Free zone, pigments, marker pen, gesso, oil on jute 90x115cm.




Untitled, tempera, pastel on cardboard 72x32cm.


Untitled, tempera on paper mache 47,5x37,5cm.





Nemesis,watercolour and paper on paper 27x35cm.






Guess that sound, marker pen on gold cardboard 26cm.





Waiting for sunshine, tempera on jute 100x70cm.





Let me show you my tongue, watercolour on paper 36x48cm.



. .

Just for today, marker pen on cardboard 15x24cm.







Say goodby to your sister, marker pen on cardboard 21,4x30,5cm.







Over, marker pen on cardboard 24x33cm.






Last and not least, marker pen on cardboard 24x33cm.







Contacts, marker pen on cardboard 24x33cm.








Untitled, tempera on jute 100x2,60cm..







Untitled, tempera on jute 63x2,20cm.





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